Jinheung, after 20 years of experience since 1980, has
succeeded in growing to a leader in research and production
of auto parts and packing.

  We are not satisfied with the growth of today, but will
continuously work the utmost to meet the customers'

  With the motto of 'Customer First', Jinheung has recognized
for its creditability and experience through advanced operation and delivering quality products to customers in worldwide.

   Further, Jinheung advanced into China and reinvested in the newest equipment to provide the highest quality products and differentiated service to its customers.
We believe that it will improve our service and products so to realize the customer satisfaction and meet the needs of global market.

  We at Jinheung would like to express gratitude for your interest and care for our company, and we will go the furthest to return for your kindness

President Kim Jae-Wook



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