PE Linerbag

  Linerbags, which have been developed since end of 19th Century as a new way of packing, are now being spotlighted as generalization of Dry Van Containers.

Dacro B. V. is showing a rapid growth as a Linerbag specialist by bulking up 20ft and 40ft since 1983. The bags, with Woven High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) quality of material, are enjoying the highest market share.

Linerbags enable less expensive, safer and easier packing through bulking up the interior space of container.

  Linerbags enable transportation of almost all kinds of products including raw materials for plastic (PP, PE, PS, PET, ABS, PVC powder, PTA Powder), Malt, Coffee, Sugar and others.
We are determined for customer satisfaction by reflecting customers' request to product design.


Characteristics of PE Linerbag


Linerbags are being more demanded for replacing bulk containerbags and have advantage of less transportation cost, working hours and workers.

PE Linerbags will be an excellent decision for transportation of your products.

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